A prayer

on Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Its makes me a teary eyes, and smile because I heard my niece is praying before she go to bed. She speak it louder. I am not sure if she really made in intention or not.. hahahaha!
Her prayer,
Lord, thank you for the blessing that you given us, and Lord I wish that my Aunt Ruth " which is Me"had a lot of money tomorrow, because I want her to buy a Barbie and coloring books for me. Lord I will be a good girl,I promise! if you give Aunt Ruth a lot of money tomorrow.
And that prayer makes me smile, Its because its just like shes talking to someone in front of her. Will her Wish is my command.. I buy some present for her tomorrow.

By the way shes only 4 year old.. My one and only niece..


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