Home Sweet Home

on Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'm back again.. I know it's a long time I did not update my blog. Its almost 2 month. I was so pretty busy. As I am telling myself I need to update or post on my blog..Hay! I break my own rule hahhaha!

I'm with my sister this morning..I help here to find a place to move in. My sister give me a responsibility for this, since she know that I can make a good deal for it, as same as I used to work. But there are some people work there. I talked to one of them.. Darn, I cant imagine she is........... so greedy or maybe they just hurry to get their commission if they can close the deal. Which is not really good. As working with the client, need to give their need, and give there satisfaction. Everything follow..

By the way.....This is a place where my sister move in...Shes cant wait to live there.


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