Volunteer Work....

on Saturday, October 3, 2009

Its another typhoon hit here in Philippines called Pepeng. Everybody, get ready and stock some food in their house. As you can see in the groceries store, they don't have enough stock like noodles, water, and relief goods.

I did not work for 2 days..I was on volunteer work.It was really good feeling, and help to the people which is they really need you help also.. I almost cry when I see some people especially kids, they don't have enough clothes and food to eat in 3 days or so.. My friends and myself, are willing to help on the victims of flood. So we raise a funds.

Yesterday, with my friends..We visit the area where is so much affected on flood..As you can see that some people are really worried about there situation, because they don't even know how to start their life.

I suggest to my friends that we will give a food and feed them. To make it short story.. We feed 100 peoples... Its was really good feeling that you help people..and you will see the smile on there face.. I was just thinking that I am lucky that I still have food on the table..


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